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Fred North


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I'm a full time voice-over talent providing commercial work to production companies, ad agencies and Radio/TV stations around the country.
I still work as an on air talent through Voice Tracking. My favorite part is when listeners call and ask when I'll be out on location so they can meet me. Yea, I sound that local.



I've worked in Radio and TV since 1975 in a variety of formats. Those formats include AC, Oldies, Classic Hits and Country. The stations include:

  • WWWM - Toledo, OH

  • KSPZ - Colorado Springs, CO

  • WOLL - West Palm Beach, FL

  • WRKA - Louisville, KY

  • and more.

Studio: In Home

Mic(s): Sennheiser MKH 416

Board: Audient iD4 digital interface

Software: Adobe Audition 

Automation Experience:

Whatever system you have is fine with me.




I offer 12 breaks per day, Monday through Friday for $400 per month.
16 breaks per day, Monday through Friday for $500 per month.



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